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According to statistics, every FIFTH American buys cigarettes through Internet.
Why do more and more Americans decide to buy cheap cigarettes through Internet?
The answer is because buying on-line is less expensive for the ordinary American citizen.

Cheap cigarettes don't give in to quality to the American ones. Moreover, if the cigarettes are manufactured in Europe, they are of the same high quality as the American cigarettes brands.

Then why are they cheaper?
Because in other countries the cigarettes production expenditures are considerably smaller.
Therefore the cigarettes cost less. If you intend to purchase cheap cigarettes, you mustn't buy them from American on-line stores.

American on-line stores sell cigarettes manufactured in the U.S.A. They have obtained some facilities from U.S. Government, that's why they can sell cigarettes without paying part of the taxes.

Instead you, buying from American on-line stores, will be forced to pay taxes since these on-line stores elude paying them.
You'll find out about this when the tax officer will pay you a visit with a bill in his hands.
Foreign on-line stores don't provide any information about their clients to U.S. authorities. That's why buying cheap cigarettes from foreign on-line stores doesn't put you at any risk and problems with taxes are absolutely excluded.

International trade - stores located out of the USA

Delivery time is between 10 days and 4 weeks. The taste of the cigarettes is different from the American made. 1 carton of Marlboro costs between $16-$23 including shipping. This is much cheaper than in American and tribal-run online stores.

Safety problem consists of 3 main questions:

1. Is it legal to order cigarettes in international online stores?
Regulation of international mail is carried out on the basis of Universal Postal Union (UPU) Convention, pursuant to which delivery of cigarettes by mail is LEGAL. At the same time, there is Imported Cigarette Compliance Act of 2000 which pretends to regulate importation of cigarettes.
There is a difference between importing cigarettes for personal and commercial use. Commercial importers are required by the Federal Trade Commission to properly label packaging of tobacco products in accordance with the Cigarette Labeling and Advertisement Act.
There are four Surgeon General's warning labels that must be placed on each packet. These labels must be rotated on cigarette packing in accordance with a plan filed and approved by the FTC, prior to importation into the U.S.
BUT THE ABOVE IS NOT APPLICABLE TO THE CUSTOMERS BECAUSE THEY RECEIVE CIGARETTES FOR THEIR PERSONAL USE and your parcel is not subject to the Imported Cigarette Compliance Act of 2000.
Summing up previous information we can draw the conclusion that it is quite legal to order cigarettes by international mail in a small quantity for personal use.

2. Is it necessary to pay taxes at reception of mail from abroad?
In general the answer is yes, but situation never makes it possible. The only governmental body to treat parcels is US Customs. And it doesn't impose payment for parcels fur to the following reasons:
  • It takes enormous time for customs to treat small parcels because a few customs officers have to deal with millions of parcels.
  • The customs is a Federal Institution and it can impose only duty that cannot exceed 3% of cargo's cost and probably federal excise tax which is $3.90 per carton ($0.39 per pack). And the cost price for preparing necessary documentation for one parcel containing 1 carton $20 worth is much higher than $4.50 ($3.90+$0.6) duty receivable.
  • We've never heard of situations when customs imposed duty for somebody's parcel.

3. What is the value of risks involved?
The only risk is that your parcel (or parcels) won't reach the destination. It may be lost, stolen or confiscated. But all the above have very small influence upon customer, because in the majority of cases, the online shop either reships the cigarettes or issues full refunds. And moreover, customer can file a back charge with his bank and/or CC Company to receive the amount paid back. Confiscations occur in very rare cases because of the wrong application of the Imported Cigarette Compliance Act of 2000. In this case customer gets the letter notification that he can dispute this confiscation. And most important, neither City, nor State can ask the customer to pay taxes (to recover the money tied up you should contact the merchant first of all).
The next important issue is that US Postal Service (USPS) that delivers international parcels doesn't disclose any information, and moreover it even doesn't store any information about the content inside packages delivered. While private carriers like FedEx, UPS Inc. and DHL agreed to cease delivery of cigarettes to consumers throughout the United States, United States Postal Service is the only one left among major carriers who refused to comply with this law and continues to deliver cigarettes to individuals, explaining that they do not agree they have the power to inspect personal packages to determine what they contain. You may view a brief story about famous international cigarettes store Yesmoke here...

- quality differs a little from American made smokes
- delivery time is longer

- the LOWEST price
- the highest personal safety

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